Less Kardashians, More Hillary Knights

I was listening to the radio the other day and there was a “news” story that caught my ear. Apparently, Kim Kardashian didn’t invite her surrogate to their baby shower.
My first reaction to this was, “who cares?”

Then, I realized that people must care, which why the station would take airtime to talk about this so-called issue. The radio station needs their listeners to be engaged and to “like” what is being discussed or they would lose listeners.

I made it to my destination, got out of the car, and all I could think about was “how sad.” I was not saying that for the surrogate that didn’t get invited, but for us as women. There are far better women out there that should be news worthy. We have women who are fighting for our country. Women who are risking their lives as a police officers or fire fighters, and all we care about in society are the women who are glamorous and famous?”

If the Kardashian’s and people like them are what our girls are looking up to, we are screwed. I think there needs to be less Kardashian’s and more awesome, intelligent, successful, record breaking, women who girls can look up to and say, “wow, I can do great things, and be amazing”

My mother (a saint) has always been one of the best role models for myself and others. My whole life she has always found the good in people. Growing up, my mother never had magazines of photoshopped women, or fake celebrities out on the coffee table. My mother never cared about gossip, and rarely did I hear her gossip, or poke fun. She was never nit-picky about my weight or my looks, and she never cared about what other people looked like either, she would always say “they are beautiful in their own way.”  To this day she is still a very strong, powerful, leader and a very simple woman.

I think growing up with a mom like that made me a better person. I am confident, I love me for who I am, and she made me feel that a person is great for what positive things they do and what they look like shouldn’t matter. She always encouraged me to be myself, follow my dreams, and to do my best even when my best was not very good.

I’ve never been a girly girl. I liked to ride bikes, play cops and robbers, enjoy sports, and do everything the boys around me did. I always tried to be better, faster and stronger than the boys in my class, or in the neighborhood. I was what you call a “Tom Boy,” and to be honest nothing has changed. I played ice hockey growing up. I started on skates when I was three years old. I played with the Framingham Youth Hockey league, which in the 90’s was mainly boys. In addition, I would also practice and play in the street or driveway with my older brother and cousin. I would always strive to be better than them, even though they are respectively three and four years older than me. When I was about ten years old, my dad told me I could no longer play with the boys in Framingham, that I had to switch to a girls team. Melt down mode kicked in because I didn’t want to play girls hockey. I thought, girls are not as good as the boys, it will be boring and not a challenge.

The first day I walked in to the rink, my dad and I met with the owner of the team. He was excited a new skater would be joining the club. We had tryouts that evening and I was simply amazed. The talent and skill some of these girls had was better than some of the boys. It was amazing! When I played hockey there was no Olympic woman hockey players in the media, they were not fighting for more pay, and equal rights. There was no Women National Hockey League, and even girls college hockey was not as pronounced as it is now. Young Allison who thought girls are not as good as boys made sense for the era. Girls now can dream about playing in the Olympics or in the NWHL. They can dream of making history because we have amazing women doing great things for girls hockey. Social media has been a great avenue for things like that, after you scroll past the BS. 

I love that there are more woman doing big things. I also love that there are more movies like Avengers, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Brave, and Logan (just to name a few) that have a girl or women who can kick butt. Don’t get me wrong, I loved everything about my childhood and would not change a single thing. It would have been nice when I was seven or eight to have symbol like Hillary Knight to look up to. Knight is a two-time Olympic Silver Medalist for our USA Women’s Ice Hockey team. She was also part of starting the NWHL along side many others. She is always doing amazing things for girls and in my opinion she is very humble, and real. She is a great role model for girls to see what hard work and persistence can do.  To be honest, when I need motivation I look to see what Hillary Knight is up to. It helps me stay motivated and humble to other women shining.

I work at a place that is GREAT for girls because we teach them about self-defense. We have some girls that would hurt any boy or man who tries and puts their hands on them. The girls that we teach are so incredible, I am so proud of all of them and what they can be. I think they are going to be a better people for it.  We teach them how to stand up for themselves. Girls should be enrolled into programs that are better for their confidence and self-esteem. It makes me shake my head that we are obsessed with such fake people. I think girls need to hear about our women fighting in uniform, judo world champions, pro athletes, and/or Olympians. Girls need to stop trying to be photoshoped, and fake. They should see that the women in real life are just as beautiful and awesome.

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